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metal roof commercial building
Metal roofs have long been a popular choice among commercial building owners in Brisbane, standing the test of time and shaping our memories of the industrial landscape. And it’s no surprise. With a rich history in Australia, this roofing material has demonstrated a consistent ability to withstand some of the most challenging aspects of our...
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metal roofing
If you live in Brisbane or surrounding suburbs, you’re no doubt accustomed to seeing metal roofs. This roofing material has always been fairly popular in the area, but things have come a long way since the rusty corrugated iron or tin roof of a traditional Queenslander. What was once a matter of building with the...
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If you’ve just had a brand new Colorbond roof installed, your home has been transformed for the better. With tried and tested durability, 5 layers of protection against the harsh Australian climate, 22 core colours, and 6 premium Matt finish colours, you have no doubt done the best thing for your home’s protection and visual...
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Professional Colorbond Roofing
Are you experiencing roof problems? Dealing with leaks? Ready to have your old roof replaced completely? Or perhaps you’re involved in building a new home and looking for a good roofing company in your area who can get the job done to the highest standards? Whatever your situation, your roof is a big investment –...
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5 Myths About Metal Roofs Debunked
Whether you have an existing roof that you want to replace, or you’re looking for the best roofing solution for a new building project, metal has no doubt crossed your mind. However, for anyone who’s considering a metal roof, it’s only natural to want to look into the pros and cons before you make a...
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How to Maintain Your Metal Roof for Optimal Performance
As a metal roofing company, we often get asked how to maintain a metal roof for optimal performance. One of the best things about updating an old tiled roof into a metal panel one is the easier maintenance. Instead of worrying about hundreds of individual tiles that can get damaged by weather or collect debris,...
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Best Choice for your Metal Roofing Needs
Having a roof over our heads is one of the most fundamental sources of security in our lives. So, when there’s an issue with our roof it can feel like a pretty big deal! Luckily, for anyone who lives in Brisbane, there’s no need to fret. No matter what types of roofing concerns you may have,...
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  Work begins to save the Burleigh Heads RSL Work has begun to save the Burleigh Heads RSL sub-branch community hall. Tradies have answered the call from the Triple M and 7NEWS, Save Our Hall Campaign.
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Do you know that roof insulation has many practical and environmental benefits for our homes? It protects buildings from heat gain and heat loss during the summer and winter seasons. No one can deny that roof insulation keeps our homes warm during winters and cool during summers. It also reduces the energy consumption of our...
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steel roof
Are you looking for the best metal roofing for sale? No metal roofing material provides strength and durability better than steel. But if you are considering installing a steel roof, you need to know that they can still be damaged, particularly in storms and through lack of maintenance. There are three common types of steel...
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