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Keeping cool in summer, keeping warm in winter… quality insulation will help you handle harsh Brisbane weather.

Zen Roofing supplies and installs roof and ceiling insulation to homes and buildings all across Brisbane.
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What type of insulation do you need?

With so many materials available, choosing an insulation type can be quite confusing.

When installing a new roof, our insulation of choice is 55mm anticon blanket insulation. It’s made of fibreglass and has a silver foil that is glued to one side of the blanket. The blanket is laid over the top of the timber roof battens. When the roofing is finished, the blanket then becomes sandwiched between the new tin and the existing roof battens. It does not sit on the ceiling.

What are the benefits of using an anticon blanket instead of ceiling insulation?

  • The heat is deflected at the roof level instead of the ceiling level, leaving the roof cavity a lot cooler.
  • The insulation cannot be moved or disturbed, because it is locked in between the new tin and the timber battens.
  • Fibreglass fibres cannot escape into the ceiling cavity because they are contained inside the silver foil. This keeps your ceiling cavity free from fibres. The silver foil acts as an anti-condensation barrier that helps to keep moisture levels low.

There are other types of insulation that can be fitted directly under the roof sheets but we feel that the anticon blanket is the best value for money.

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