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Common Steel Roof Repairs

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Are you looking for the best metal roofing for sale? No metal roofing material provides strength and durability better than steel. But if you are considering installing a steel roof, you need to know that they can still be damaged, particularly in storms and through lack of maintenance.

There are three common types of steel roof repairs we see a lot, including:

Faulty Metal Screws

Leaky roofs are a major problem during heavy rains and storms. The culprit may be faulty metal roofing screws.

These screws have a sealing washer that prevents metal roofs from leaking at the seams. The principle behind leakage prevention is the “gasket” formed between the screw head and the roofing panel when the screw is driven in. Sounds simple right? But that’s not the case.

Overdriven, underdriven, wrongly angled and screws missing the framing member all together are all too common, especially on older roofs and if your installer hasn’t done a great job.

So, what if your metal screws are installed perfectly?

Leakage still might be present. Cold winters and hot summers are destructive for rubber washers. During these seasons washers easily lose their seals. When that happens determining which screw is leaking can be a difficult process.

Incorrectly fitted flashing

Let’s dive deeper into the world of steel roof repairs. Made of impervious material such as plastic or rubber, stack flashings are used to cover pipes of air vents, plumbing pipes and other pipes that protrude from the metal roof.

Rubber is the most in-demand flashing material but there can be installation errors such as:

  • Insufficient time is given for material to relax
  • Improper cutting of flashing material dimensions

Damage to the drainage outlets occurs which causes leakage because the flashing is unable to fit and completely seal the pipes correctly.

Overlaps- Leading to Capillary Draw

When two pieces of metal roofing overlap this causes a “capillary draw”. What is this you ask? Well, it’s the uphill traveling of water when two metal pieces join together. This causes leaks and seepage of water leading to the need for steel roof repairs.

Have a roof leakage problem? Give us a call at Zen Roofing. Our experienced team can take a look at the issue, find the cause and get it fixed.

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