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Finding asbestos in your roof and organising asbestos roof replacement can be a stressful time but it doesn’t need to be. Sure, you need to arrange for inspections and find someone who can remove your old roof and then choose a new roof – generally all within a short space of time.

Steps to Asbestos Roof Replacement

It might seem complicated, but Zen Roofing makes the whole process rather straightforward and simple with a process that’s as easy as 1,2,3.

  1. Risk assessment and preparation – one of our roofing specialists will inspect the area, determine what risks are involved and what the best way to do the work is. They will then ensure that all the required safety regulations can be met in removing your asbestos roof.
  2. Removal – our team will remove your asbestos roof, wrap the sheets in plastic one at a time, a place them into protective bins. The plastic wrap helps to contain any asbestos dust to keep you and your neighbours safe.
  3. Decontamination and disposal – our roofing specialists will inspect the area and determine if there has been any asbestos left behind. They will arrange for the decontamination of your property as needed, and the correct disposal of your old asbestos roof.

Choosing a New Roof

There are many options when choosing a new roof, however the most popular options in Brisbane are a metal or Colorbond roof due to the durability and low maintenance, as well as low initial install cost when compared to a tile roof. Another benefit in installing a Zincalume or Colorbond roof is how much it can modernise your home, and bring a whole new look without you needing to do a lot of work.

One of the great things about using Zincalume or Colorbond roofing is just how many colours there are to choose from – you aren’t stuck with the same few colours. Give your home a splash of colour with “Manor Red” or go something more contemporary with “Ironstone”.

If you need roof asbestos replacement in Brisbane, call the experienced and professional team at Zen Roofing. We will organise an inspection and quote of your roof, and provide you the information you need to ensure a safe and successful asbestos roof replacement.

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