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Zen Roofing have been Brisbane’s Roof Replacement specialists for 15 years. In this time we have built, repaired, and replaced metal roofs in the greater Brisbane area. This provides the wealth of experience which sets us apart from other builders. We know roofs inside out.

Friendly and affordable, Zen Roofing are the first choice for quality roof replacement.

Steel Roof Repair
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Practical Roof Replacement

A damaged, weathered roof can be a serious threat to your safety and valuable property. Whether your home or workplace, a poorly kept roof is a significant danger to people and possessions. Getting your roof repair or replaced is very important for the safety of everyone.

This is especially true if your current roof is tile roofing. Broken tiles are often the cause of further structural deterioration to the rest of your building. And replacing just the damaged tiles gives you the problem of trying to find new tiles to match. Even if you can get identical tiles, the difference in wear will be a noticeable inconsistency. It’s much easier to replace your old tiled roof with a more modern, more durable metal roof.

An Easy Cosmetic Upgrade

An unsightly roof can drag the value of your house right down. Even a commercial building can be massively undervalued on account of worn roofing. A new metal roof will drive your selling price up and help you to sell faster. And with the vast range of patterns and colours offered by Colorbond roofing, you can find a metal roof to suit any building.

To upgrade your roof and improve your property’s security and value, call Zen Roofing on +617 3521 8520.

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