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Colorbond Roofing

Colorbond Roofing

Why Choose Colorbond?

The answer is simple. Colorbond roofing is aesthetic and reliable. As a roofing material Colorbond is peerless in terms of durability and colour range.


Colorbond has been rigorously tested over 17 years. These years of improvements have lead to the longest lifespan on the market. The material is ideal in Brisbane’s weather conditions. Unlike the alternatives, Colorbond is capable of withstanding Queensland’s harsh environment.


Colour is a very important consideration when choosing roofing materials. There is a vast range of colours offered by Colorbond for roofs which match their guttering, fencing, sheds, and garages. If none of these suits you, they even offer custom colours. So whatever your desired colour, Colorbond can provide.

Your Trusted Installer

Zen Roofing has been installing tin roofing in Brisbane for 15 years and has extensive experience in Colorbond installation. We have established connections with Colorbond and know the product backwards. That’s why you should trust no one but Zen Roofing to install your new Colorbond roof.

For a better roof in Brisbane, call Zen Roofing on +617 3521 8520 and chat to a friendly professional about Colorbond and other services such as roof restoration.

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