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4 Advantages to Metal Roofing in Brisbane

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If your tiled roof has experienced damage in storms or you need to replace your old tin roof due to asbestos, its time to consider replacing it with a metal roof. There are plenty of advantages to metal roofing in Brisbane, from durability and the low-maintenance aspects to the environmentally friendly options, a metal roof could be a great option for your home.

4 Advantages to Metal Roofing in Brisbane


Metal roofs are resistant to cracking and shrinking and the sheets don’t tend to slip out of place like tiles can. These roofing systems can withstand the extreme weather we see in South-East Queensland including hail storms and heavy rain. One big benefit is that a metal roof can also withstand relatively high winds.


The type of metal roofing used in Brisbane is attractive and can suit a range of home styles from the traditional Queenslander to a modern and new build. Metal roofing is available in a range of styles, colours and can fit almost any build style.

Energy Efficient

When combined with good insulation, a metal roof can save a bundle in energy costs, depending on where you live, providing good insulation against the summer heat and the winter cold. The energy efficiency comes from the variety of finishes available in metal roofing. In warm climates like Brisbane, a pre-painted metal roof reflects solar energy, helping to keep the home cool.

Environmentally Friendly  

Today you can find metal roofs made from 30-60% recycled material and many use reflective pigment technology which can result in better energy efficiency. If you choose to change your roof in years to come, you may even be able to put your old one up for recycling which cuts down on the need to mine for extra metals.

If replacing your current roof with a metal roof is on your list, Zen Roofing can help. A family owned and operated business, we can replace your current tile, metal or asbestos roof with a quality metal roof in Brisbane. Call the friendly team at Zen Roofing for a consultation and quote.

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