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Keep the Family Safe with Brisbane Asbestos Removal

safe family after brisbane asbestos removal

If you’ve ever found asbestos in your home, one of your first thoughts has likely between towards the safety of your family. There are however plenty of ways to keep your family safe when you have discovered asbestos; the first way to do this is through contracting an experienced Brisbane asbestos removal company.

Zen Roofing is a family owned and operated business looking after homes and businesses in the Brisbane region. One of our core business promises is to provide you with a safe and healthy home for your family. When removing asbestos from your Brisbane home, we recommend you take the following steps.

Asbestos Removal Tips in Your Brisbane Home

If you have organised for asbestos removal from your home, it is always a good idea to inform your neighbours of when this is happening, as well as advising them of when the work is complete. While every care is taken during the asbestos removal process, the more people are aware that there is asbestos in the area the better. In fact, by informing your neighbours of the removal from your home, it may make them consider whether there is any asbestos in their home before they do renovations.

It is always beneficial to use a licensed asbestos removalist company. Zen Roofing holds a Class A asbestos removal license from the Queensland Government, allowing for us to remove any amount of friable asbestos from your home.

Before your asbestos removal contractor arrives, remove anything you may need from your home for the next couple of days, as well as those special items the kids can’t do without. While removal is generally done fairly quickly, you do want to be prepared should something go wrong or more extensive asbestos is found.

Once these items are removed, cover everything with plastic sheeting to help keep it safe and secure. Then, it’s time to head out to work or for a family outing.

While you are out, your asbestos removal team will remove the asbestos from your home, making it safe again for your family and friends.

If there’s asbestos in your home, contact the Brisbane asbestos removal experts – Zen Roofing.

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