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Preparing for Safe Roof Asbestos Removal in Brisbane


Waiting for roof asbestos removal in Brisbane and wondering how to prepare your home? Finding asbestos in your ceiling, walls, roof, flooring and other places around the home can be stressful, but the process of getting your home ready for removal of the asbestos is important.

Preparing Your Home for Safe Roof Asbestos Removal in Brisbane

While there shouldn’t be any issues with asbestos entering your home during roof removal, it is better to safe from the outset.

The first thing you will need to do is prepare your family, especially younger members of the family. They need to understand how important it is not to touch anything until everything has been cleaned and removed. Have your family members pack anything they may need for a couple of days (in case the work is more extensive than originally thought) including clothes, books, toys and electronic gear.

Once everyone has packed what they need, cover your belongings with plastic sheeting.  At Zen Roofing, we’ll make sure to let you know what you will need to remove or potentially cover. This could include outside furniture, sheds or storage areas, pool equipment and more.

How Long to Stay Out of Your Home After Asbestos has Been Removed

When you organise your asbestos removal, the team looking after you will provide you with all the details on how long you will need to keep your home clear. If your roof removal and replacement is relatively straight forward, you may be back in your home that night. If there is anything that will take a bit longer to remove and replace, you may need to consider staying with friends or family for a night or two.

If you’re still trying to find someone to do your asbestos removal in Brisbane, contact Zen Roofing. We can run you through our processes and organise an inspection or quote at a time suitable for you.

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