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How Much Does Asbestos Roof Replacement Cost in Brisbane?

asbestos roof cost

With quite a few homes in the Brisbane area having an asbestos roof, many homeowners have considered roof replacement. While it may not be something you need to do straight away, if your roof is getting old, or it has been damaged through hail or flying debris, it’s probably time to consider asbestos roof replacement.

What Influences the Cost of Asbestos Roof Removal?

There are a few things that will influence an asbestos roof replacement cost in Brisbane. Because of the nature of the material being handled, there’s some additional steps involved when compared to replacing a normal roof.

  • Gradient and height of roof – the steeper and higher the roof, the more it will cost to replace due to the time required to remove, and the amount of materials required to replace.
  • State of the current roof – if you’re current roof is damaged, or in smaller sheets, it may take longer to remove than if it were undamaged or in larger sheets. Asbestos needs to be handled with care, so each sheet needs to be carefully moved.
  • Costs to dispose of the asbestos roof – the further away the disposal location is, the more it may cost you in disposal fees. These fees will also depend on how much the disposal location charges.
  • Impediments to roof access – if you have any impediments to your roof access, you may like to address these prior to having your roof removed. Objects like trees and load bearing walls can make it difficult to move around to sections of your roof.
  • Insulation – if your current asbestos roof is damaged, and you have insulation in your roof, the insulation is likely to need replacing as well.

As you can see there are quite a few costs that go into replacing an asbestos roof. These factors don’t take into consideration the time it takes to replace and the materials used to replace your old roof.

If you’d like to find out how the asbestos roof replacement cost in Brisbane, Zen Roofing can provide you with a consult and quote.


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