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If you are renovating or rebuilding your home, no doubt the word ‘asbestos’ has been on your mind. Asbestos roof replacement Brisbane and elsewhere is happening more and more. Homeowners and builders are looking to replace this dangerous material with safer alternatives.

Commonplace material

It wasn’t until the 1980s that authorities phased asbestos out of domestic construction in Australia. In fact, it wasn’t until 2003 that all products made from, or containing, asbestos were banned completely.

After World War II, when housing construction boomed, asbestos was used in one form or another in most houses being built. Many of these included roofing materials that contained asbestos. So unfortunately, if you’re not building a completely new house, or renovating a very recently built one, chances are your house will contain asbestos.

Hard to tell

Frustratingly, it’s impossible to tell if a building material contains asbestos or not. Before it was known that asbestos was dangerous to your health, the construction industry used it so widely that it could be in any part of your home. So it’s extremely important that if you are dealing with any old building products such as roofing, that you don’t try to remove it yourself, as this can cause the dangerous asbestos particles to enter your airways.

Stay safe

The best option is to not risk the health of you and your family, and call in a professional to assess your roof to see if it contains asbestos. The team at Zen Roofing are fully qualified to carry out these jobs, and help you with your roof replacement.


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