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There are many older homes in and around Brisbane that need to have their roof gutters replaced, but there is a good chance that due to the age of these homes, the gutters contain asbestos, which leads to the question, is asbestos guttering dangerous?

Over time roof gutters suffer from faults, usually due to age or damage including leaks, cracks and debris. They can cause some pretty major damage if not looked after, and this is why it is important to maintain them regularly, particularly if you have asbestos gutters.

Like other asbestos products, a roof gutter can be safe if it is undamaged, and left alone. But gutters do take some damage particularly during storms and high winds, which can make them dangerous.

Asbestos fibres are airborne so once your gutters are broken, small asbestos fibres can easily be transmitted around your neighbourhood through the air. Asbestos posts a risk to lungs and other respiratory infections, which doesn’t cause issues straight away – it isn’t usually until 20 or more years down the track that you start to suffer issues.

So is asbestos guttering dangerous? It certainly can be.

If your roof gutters are damaged and there is a good chance they are made from asbestos, it is essential you have them replaced for the health of yourself, your family and your neighbours. If they aren’t damaged, it is still worth having them checked over regularly so that you can have them replaced quickly when damage occurs.

Zen Roofing is experienced in the removal and replacement of asbestos gutters and roofs across Brisbane. We put your family’s safety first, and offer a peace of mind that you won’t get from many other businesses. We have more than 15 years experience in roofing, and can get your dangerous asbestos roof gutter replaced without fuss.

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