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steel roofing brisbane There are a lot of myths about steel roofs, but that’s all they are – myths. There are actually so many benefits that outweigh any negatives! If you’ve ever thought about steel roofing in Brisbane, we think you should see out that thought and get a new roof today. Here’s why:

Weather Proof

Let’s face it – Australia can be pretty temperamental when it comes to weather, so it’s best to get a roof that suits your location. If you’re in a bush fire zone, or an area with heavy rainfall, a steel roof is the best option for you – they won’t crack in a fire and they don’t leak. Tiles do both those things.

No Rot

If you’ve ever seen the tiled roof of a house that’s even five years old, you’ll be familiar with the mould and mildew that forms on tiles – you have to get it cleaned off professionally so as not to break the tiles, which is an expensive process, and needless when you can just get a steel roof.

Stylish Designs

Have you ever wondered whether a black roof would suit your home? How about grey, green, or blue? Well, with steel roofs, anything is possible! You can have a purple roof if you want, and you can get it without having an expensive roof painter do the job, and patch it up every few years.

Steel roofs have limitless options when it comes to style, upkeep, and practicality, and Zen Roofing are here to help you choose the perfect one. Call us today for a quote.

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