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How is Colorbond Roofing Installation Done?

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At Zen Roofing, we often get asked how Colorbond roofing installation is done. The great thing about Colorbond is that metal roofs tend to be less complicated to install than other roofing materials and they generally take no where near as long to put up. The other benefit to Colorbond is that they tend to be cheaper to install and maintain than tile and other options.

Installation usually starts with the fascia and guttering going up. If you are putting Colorbond on a brand new home, horizontal battens are installed to support the cladding, however if you are replacing a roof, this step shouldn’t be required unless the battens are damaged.

Next, a layer of sarking is put in place – this helps to prevent condensation from forming on the underside of the roof, therefore preventing rust and water dripping onto your timber framing.

Now for the roof. Colorbond sheets are light which means they don’t need machinery to lift them up onto the roof. They are put into place, and are marked and cut for the valleys, ensuring the shape is right. Your installer will then cut the Colorbond roofing, and install them lapped over each other so that the joins aren’t exposed to the weather where possible.

Aligning the sheets at the gutter end is important, and the sheets are then drilled and screwed down on the crests on the corrugation rather than the valley.

Once all this is done, the installer will clean the roof with a broom or leaf blower to remove any small amounts of metal off-cuts.

That’s your Colorbond roofing installation done!

Generally you can expect the installation process to take one to two days depending on the size of your roof and if any roofing materials need to be removed. We recommend clarifying the time required when you obtain your quote so that you can plan around the work taking place.

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