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Home roofing brisbaneAre you planning a home renovation? Perhaps you’re building a brand new home? Or do you just want to add a new feature to modernize your existing place? As roofing is such a big feature, it significantly impacts the way your overall home looks. Here are some home roofing Brisbane trends:

Energy efficiency

New roofs tend to trend towards energy efficiency. This can mean choosing white to reflect 20 to 90% of sunlight, installing solar panels, or choosing another insulation method. At Zen Roofing, anticon blanket insulation is used – it’s made of fiberglass with a silver foil glued to one side. The blanket is laid over the top of timber roof battens, which deflects heat at the roof level instead of the ceiling level.

Go Green

Planting a green roof/rooftop garden is another popular energy efficiency trend. A rooftop garden can keep heating and cooling costs low as they help regulate the roof’s temperature. Also, any runoff water nourishes the flora instead of getting contaminated as it passes into water sources.

Mad for metal

Metal is a continued roofing trend, due to its aesthetically appealing durability. Metal has one of the longest lifespans as far as roofing materials go and is relatively low maintenance. A metal roofing option like Colorbond also gives you a vast range of colours to choose from to match the rest of your home elements.

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