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If your roof is starting to show signs of age or has been damaged in a storm, you may consider re-roofing in Brisbane to extend the life of your home and protect the building and your belongings. Re-roofing is relatively straightforward, but it can be quite a difficult job and requires a professional and experienced team.

Initial Steps of Re-Roofing in Brisbane

As with any roofing job, re-roofing will start with an inspection of your current roof and home as well as evaluating the type of roof that will be best for your home. You will be provided with a plan that outlines the next steps which will include removing the current roofing materials, repairing any framing and replacing with new roofing materials.

If you are considering completely changing the structure and shape of your roof, now is the time to talk to the roofer about your needs; they can let you know if what you are thinking is possible.

Starting Re-Roofing Your Brisbane Home

Once you have had your roof evaluated and decided to go ahead with the work, the contractors will start by cleaning the area where they will be working. This will often include removing any large items of debris that may cause a safety issue. From there, the old roof will be taken off including any metal flashing and the roof structure will be inspected to ensure there is no water damage that may cause issues in the future.

Considerations when Re-Roofing

When installing a new roof on your home, you should budget in replacing or adding in insulation. It is much easier to install insulation before the new roof is installed.

Types of Roofing Materials

There are plenty of options on the market for you to choose from when looking at a new roof. Colorbond is always a popular, and long-lasting option and perfect for South East Queensland weather. Metal roofing is another option that is long lasting and offers good temperature control. Both these options provide a variety of colours that allow you to match them with the style of your home.

There is also the option for tile roofs, however, these can take a lot longer to install, be a lot more expensive and often won’t last anywhere near as long as metal or steel roofing.

If you are looking at re-roofing a Brisbane home, speak to the experienced team at Zen Roofing. Specialising in a range of roofing services including re-roofing and roof replacement, we can assist you in getting the best roof for your home.

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