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With so many home renovation shows available on television these days, it’s not surprising to see many people updating and modernising their homes. While some home owners are just going for the simple paint and changing the flooring, others are going the whole way and knocking out walls or adding additions to their home. But what happens when you are renovating your home and find potential asbestos in your roof? Where do you turn when you need asbestos roof removal in Brisbane.

If you’re planning on renovating a home that was built before 1990, you should keep in mind that there were likely to be asbestos products used when building your home, including in or on your roof.

Identifying Asbestos in my Roof

Asbestos roofing materials are relatively easy to identify. Telling the difference between asbestos roof sheeting and colourbond like materials is quite easy. Asbestos sheeting tends to have a fibrous look, as well as generally being grey in colour where it has not been painted.

The Bernie Banton Foundation has some great examples of asbestos sheeting if you are wondering if the material has been used in your home.

At Zen Roofing, we recommend getting in contact with an experienced roof asbestos remover. They will be able to identify if the material is asbestos as well as organising for safe removal of the product from your home.

Tips on Renovating before Roof Asbestos Removal in Brisbane

If you do think there is asbestos in your home,¬†it’s best to stop working until you have it identified and know what you are working with. Our top tips include:

  • Not doing any more demolition work until material is identified
  • Don’t drill, saw, grind, sand or waterblast suspected asbestos materials
  • Replace not repair
  • Contact a licensed asbestos removal company

If you’re renovating and need asbestos roof removal in Brisbane, contact the team at Zen Roofing. We can remove old asbestos roof materials and replace your roof with a safe and attractive Colourbond roof keeping your family safe. Asbestos materials are best left in the hands of professionals. Call today for your free quote.

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