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Common Gutter Repairs in Brisbane

gutter repairs

It might be winter but now is the perfect time to consider the state of your guttering, and whether you need to undertake gutter repairs on your Brisbane home before summer storms hit. Your roof gutters play an important role in keeping your home safe – the direct water off the roof and away from the house. Too much water pooling around your home can cause soil erosion and can cause damage to the foundations of your home. It is however important to ensure that your roof guttering is clean of debris and has no damage.

A good sign of a damaged gutter is leaking from the actual gutter when there is only a small amount of rain. In larger amounts, it is common for gutters to overflow as they cannot handle the amount of rain coming down. It is important to check your gutters when you have some rain to ensure there are no leaks.

What Causes Gutter Leaks?

There are a few main causes of gutter leaks in Brisbane including:

  • Rusted gutters or brackets
  • Build up of leaf litter and debris in gutters
  • Clogged downpipes

Gutter leaks are one of the main gutter repairs in Brisbane, but there are numerous other issues we see that require repairing all across Brisbane. These include:

  • Sagging gutters and downpipes – guttering is generally made of aluminium and can start to sag when they get large amounts of water through them regularly. We tend to see sagging gutters after days of heavy downpours, particularly on older guttering that has been through years of heavy rains.
  • Overflowing water – we mentioned above that it is common for gutter to overflow if there is a large amount of rainfall, particularly in a short amount of time. But if your guttering is overflowing with just light rain, there’s a chance your gutters are either too narrow, or there is a blockage within the downpipes.
  • Peeling paint – you may think that peeling paint is just due to age, but this isn’t always the case. Peeling and bubbling paint can be a sign that your guttering and downpipes aren’t draining correctly.
  • Pooling water  – in extremely heavy rains, you will get some pooling of water on the low spots on your property. This is simply due to water run-off. But if there is water pooling at the base of your downpipes, it’s time to get everything checked.

While summer storms come with living in Queensland, it is important to ensure that your gutters are in top shape to minimise damage to your home. If you need gutter repairs to your Brisbane home, contact Zen Roofing for an inspection and quote.

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