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Most people don’t worry about roofing insulation until it comes time to replace their current insulation option, or replacing their roof. If you’re looking for Brisbane steel roofing insulation options, we’ve outlined two great options available to homeowners.

Brisbane Steel Roofing Replacement

If it has come time to replace your roof, a steel or Colorbond option is much more efficient than a tile roof. They are thermally efficient roofing materials which mean they radiate less heat into the home as they quickly cool down at night i.e they don’t hold heat. Lighter colour roofs, of course, reflect more heat while darker colour roofs will draw in more heat. To keep your home cool during the summer months and warm during the winter months, it is recommended to include an insulation option when installing your steel roof. There are generally two types of insulation commonly used with steel roofing.

Reflective Foil or Sarking 

Reflective foil insulation is designed to prevent heat radiation and is commonly used in roof spaces and walls. Its a great option in tropical conditions where it doesn’t get too cold throughout winter – by its nature, reflective foil allows heat to escape the home quickly. If installed correctly, foil insulation is extremely effective in removing heat from the home; in fact, some insulation options can remove up to 97% of radiant heat which makes a huge difference to the internal temperature of the home.

Reflective Foil combined with Glass Wool   – Anticon Blanket

In the South East corner of Queensland, a combined option of reflective foil and a glass wool blanket can be a good choice. This allows the heat to escape during those hot summer months, and retain some heat during the cooler winter months.

It is always best to have a professional roofing team install your Brisbane steel roofing insulation. Speak to the experienced team at Zen Roofing about insulation options for your Brisbane home.

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