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Best Colorbond Roof Colours

colorbond basalt

When it comes to new roofing there are so many Colorbond roof colours to choose from you won’t know where to start. From contempory to classic to matte, there are plenty of options to mix and match with both your home style and the your surrounding environment.

Knowing that you have plenty of choices, how do you choose the best Colorbond roof colour for your home? We’ve put together a little guide as to why the roof colour you choose matters.

Curb Appeal Effect

You may not realise it, but the roof of your home accounts for a fair amount of the exterior appearance – in most homes this sits at 40% but can be more. It is one of the first things seen by people passing by and by potential buyers. Ensuring you choose a roof colour that matches your home’s architectural style and colour is important.

How Do You Feel?

It’s an often surprising fact that the colour of your home, and therefore the colour of your roof, can affect how you feel. Because the colour of your home and roof are the first things you see when you come home, choose colours that make you feel calm and relaxed are a good choice.

How Hot is It?

A well used phrase, particularly in Queensland during summer! But it doesn’t need to be uncomfortable inside your home. The right Colorbond colour can make all the difference to the temperature inside your home, which in turn, can impact your power bill. A lighter coloured roof can help reflect heat away from your home, while a darker coloured roof will absorb the heat and make it warmer inside.

In Queensland, it is recommended that a lighter coloured roof is a better option. While it might be a little cooler during winter, it will certainly help keep the temperature down during the warmer months.

Looking to replace your current roof with a new Colorbond roof? Speak to the team at Zen Roofing and help keep your house cooler this summer.

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