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Building or renovating and considering home roofing in Brisbane? Metal and Colorbond roofing are two of the most popular options for homes in the Brisbane region and it’s easy to see why. Besides bringing an old property to life, metal and Colorbond roofing offer great protection, easy maintenance, and budget-friendly options.

Metal Home Roofing in Brisbane

Metal roofing is popular with many homeowners throughout Brisbane.  It is known for its long life expectancy, fire resistant features, and easy maintenance.

Lightweight – metal roofing is extremely lightweight when compared to the traditional concrete roof tiles – approx 1 tonne compared to 12 tonnes! The benefit is that it holds up well to rain and other weather conditions, while still being lighter on the walls of your home. This helps it last a lot longer.

Water Resistant – unlike tiles, steel doesn’t absorb water. In fact, due to the design, water easily runs off into the gutters preventing internal damage, as well as long term damage to your tiles.

Low Maintenance – one of the best things about a metal roof is that it is low maintenance. Easily cleaned with water (or rain) and easily installed, you’ll be saving on costs over a more traditional tile roof.

Colorbond Home Roofing in Brisbane

Extremely well-known, Colorbond is another popular option with Brisbane homeowners looking to move away from a tiled roof. With durability and aesthetics on its side, Colorbond may be the choice for your new or renovated home.

Durable – Colorbond products have been tested for over 50 years in Australian conditions and improvements have made it the roofing option with the longest lifespan. Ideal in the harsh weather conditions we see in Brisbane, Colorbond holds out well to a range of weather and temperatures.

Colour – when you’re building or renovating you want a roof colour that suits the style of your home. Colorbond roofing has a huge range of colour options to choose from, allowing you to style your home.

Energy Efficient Options – Colorbond has a range of colours that provide energy efficiency with at least five of the colours in the range qualifiying as solar reflective. This can help you save money on your power bills through less need for cooling in summer

Zen Roofing has been providing home roofing in Brisbane for over 15 years. Our team have extensive knowledge in the installation and maintenance of metal and Colorbond roofing and can assist you in choosing the right option for your home. Organise your free quote online.

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