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North Brisbane has a pretty good mix of new and old homes, but with those older homes comes a time when you need to consider roof restoration. Older homes tend to have tile roofing but of course, being in Brisbane and dealing with summer storms, many of these tiles are damaged and in dire need of replacing.

One of the most popular roof restoration trends in Brisbane North on older homes is swapping tiles for a Colorbond roof. Why? Simply because there are plenty of benefits over a more traditional tile roof. Let’s take a look at some of reasons homeowners are swapping to Colorbond during their Brisbane North roof restoration.


There’s no denying that roof tiles are heavy – particularly when you have hundreds of them sitting on your roof. Colorbond is extremely light and weighs just 1/10th of the weight of traditional roof tiles. This means that installing Colorbond is quicker and will cost you less.

Weather Resistant

Storms, hail, hot sunny days – Brisbane has it all. Colorbond has been made to withstand some pretty harsh weather here in Australia. Bluescope have not only tested it in labs, but also in a range of outdoor facilities across the country to make sure their product holds up to the weather.

Corrosion Resistant

We know that many homes in Brisbane North are closer to the water than they are in other suburbs, which means that materials tend to corrode and rust quicker. Not so with Colorbond; the 5 layer system prevents corrosion and rust, and keeps the colour of your roof looking great for years.

Energy Efficient

One thing many Brisbane North homes owners look for is a roof that is energy efficient. It can get hot here in Brisbane so a lighter coloured roof is a great option to reflect heat away from your home, and help keep your home cooler. Colourbond roofing includes a technology known a Thermatec, which helps to insulate the home.

If you’re considering a roof restoration in Brisbane North, have a chat with the team at Zen Roofing to discuss swapping your tile roof to Colorbond – one of the leading roof restoration trends.

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