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How Long Does Asbestos Roof Replacement Brisbane Take


Have you recently discovered that your home needs asbestos roof replacement Brisbane? You may be wondering how long removal and replacement of the roof may take and like many things, it can all come down to how large of an area needs to be replaced. In many cases, asbestos roof replacement in Brisbane can be done in as little as a day, while in some jobs it can take a couple of days to fully remove an old asbestos roof and replace with a new roof.

Steps to Asbestos Roof Replacement Brisbane

Due to the nature of asbestos, there are some steps that need to be taken prior to your roof being replaced, starting with an inspection of the roof. This will provide an idea of what work needs to be done, how much roofing needs to be replaced (and therefore how much asbestos needs to be disposed of) and how long the work is projected to take.

Depending on how close your neighbours are, we may need to inform them that removal of asbestos will be taking place, as well as notifying QLD Workplace Health and Safety of the removal at least five days prior to doing so. We will also advise Energex of work taking place and organise temporary disconnection of power to your property if needed.

From there, we will get to work. Your old asbestos roofing will be removed and disposed of as per the regulations; this process includes stacking the roofing material and wrapping it prior to transport. It will then be transported to a licensed facility for disposal. Once removal of the roof has taken place, we will clean the area to ensure there are no asbestos particles remaining.

Replacing an Asbestos Roof in Brisbane

When replacing your roof, metal roofing and Colourbond roofing are two of the most popular options in Brisbane. They look great, are easy to maintain and can bring a fresh look to your home. Additionally, a new rood may boost the value of your home which, when it comes time to sell, isn’t a bad thing. Replacing a roof, again depending on the size of the roof, is usually done quite quickly so you can be back in your home without fuss.

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