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Brisbane Metal Roofing Restoration for Your Home

Brisbane metal roof restoration

Metal roofs are a fantastic option for Brisbane homes – they tend to require much less maintenance than a tile roof and hold up well to the weather. However, you can’t get away without any maintenance on them, and the older your roof, the more likely you will need some restoration work. Zen Roofing are the Brisbane metal roofing restoration experts – we can get your roof looking like new.

How Do You Restore a Metal Roof

There are plenty of things we can do to keep your metal or Colourbond roof looking its best. While you don’t need to do a lot of maintenance on a metal roof, a regular check and clean will ensure your roof is doing the best job protecting your home. Metal roof maintenance and restoration can include:

  • Pressure cleaning the roof and gutters – this helps to prevent a build up of dust, leaves and debris which can make your roof look dirty. It also helps to see where you may need further repairs.
  • Replacing old and rusty nails and screws. By replacing rusted nails and screws, it helps to ensure the rust does not spread further onto your roof, as well as maintaining the integrity of your roof. The last thing you need is for the screws and nails to break away during high winds.
  • Replacing metal sheets if needed. Occasionally we may need to replace some of the metal or Colourbond sheets on your roof. This is usually due to rust or storm damage.

Zen Roofing – the Brisbane Metal Roofing Restoration Experts

As part of our roof restoration service, we will do a thorough inspection of your roof including identifying any possible water ingress areas. We will check the gutters, flashing and any worn or rusted areas amongst much more. A Brisbane metal roofing restoration is also a great way to give your home a fresh new look without needing to change the metal sheets on the roof.

For a fresh looking roof or to simply make repairs, Zen Roofing is your go to for Brisbane metal roofing restorations. Call the team now to book your free inspection and quote.

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