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Brisbane offers a great mix of home styles, from workers cottages right through to modern day builds. If you are faced with a cracked tile roof, an asbestos roof or simply need a refresh on your home, there are plenty of advantages to using Colorbond roofing Brisbane.

Colorbond roofs are becoming more popular as home owners look for a long lasting roof that looks great and is budget friendly. Made by BlueScope Steel, it is a great choice to have on your home.

Advantages of Colorbond Roofing Brisbane

  1. Long lasting with almost no maintenance. Colorbond roofing is great for a variety of home styles, and is almost maintenance free. The colour is bonded to the metal, so you won’t need to paint anywhere near as often. It resists chipping, peeling and cracking making it great for when those summer storms roll in.
  2. Sturdy material. Colorbond is made from steel which provides a lightweight material for all roof designs. There is little structural strain compared to tile roofing. Unlike tile roofs, it will stay fastened to your roof for much longer than tiles will in high wind areas.
  3. Added Insulation. When summer rolls around, Colorbond provides added insulation to any home. Colourbond roofing Brisbane means less heat during the day and quicker cooling when the sun goes down. Many homeowners choose Colorbond roofingBrisbane for the insulation properties.
  4. Environmentally sustainable and Australian made. 100% recyclable,  and made right here in Australia, how could you go wrong with a Colorbond roof?

If you’re interested in Colorbond roofing in Brisbane, contact the team at Zen Roofing. We can provide a free quote, providing you with the best option for your home.

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