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Colorbond Roofing Options for Gold Coast Homes

colorbond gold coast

Whether you are building a new home or looking to replace the roof on your hold home, there are plenty of Colorbond roofing options for Gold Coast home owners.

Benefits of Colorbond Roofing

With a range of benefits to Gold Coast home owners, it’s no wonder that more are choosing Colorbond for their home. Colorbond steel contains recycled steel and all the steel in a Colorbond roof is recyclable. On top of this, five colors in the Colorbond range are solar reflective which helps keep your home cool, and all colours, except Night Sky, feature the Thermatech solar reflective technology. This means more heat on those hot days is reflected away from your home, allowing for less reliance on air conditioning and other cooling methods.

For those that live in the Hinterland or more green areas, Colorbond steel roofing is compliant for use in bushfire zones, including in the most extreme BAL-FZ where there is a high risk of ember attack and burning debris.

Colorbond Colour Options

Within the Colorbond range, you’ll find three options – Contemporary, Classic and Matt. Depending on where you are on the Gold Coast, your choice of colour may vary. For homes in the western regions, you may like colours that blend with the natural surrounds – Terrain, Wallaby, Pale Eucalypt and Paperbark. If you have a more classic styled home, you may like to go with the more traditional Manor Red, Deep Ocean or Cottage Green.

For those with coastal homes, choosing colours that compliment the surrounding environment is popular – Classic Cream, Surfmist, Dune and Windspray.

Colorbond roofing is a great choice for Gold Coast homes, providing not only an aesthetic that many home owners love, but also providing energy efficiency and protection that many are now searching for.

Looking to update your roofing options or install a new roof? Zen Roofing can install Colorbond roofing on a range of Gold Coast home styles. Call today to organise a quote.

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