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The history of asbestos removal in Brisbane

RoofAsbestos through time

If you’re at all familiar with asbestos removal in Brisbane or anywhere across the country, you might be aware of the controversial and dangerous nature of the asbestos fibre. But did you know that asbestos has been used for many thousands of years? Let’s take a look at its rise and fall through time.

Ancient times

As far back as 2500BC, people mined asbestos and used it to strengthen cooking tools and pots. It was also used for its heat-resistant properties, when people used the mineral to weave into fabrics, candle wicks and cleaning cloths.

With the rise of the industrial revolution, it was used on a larger scale. It was used for its most well known purposes, such as insulation, fire retardant and in sheet roofing up until the 1970s. Unfortunately, it was only then that it was widely linked to fatal lung disease and Australian authorities cracked down on its use.

Modern day

These days, we all know that asbestos is extremely dangerous, but as so many of our buildings were constructed before its use became illegal, a lot of houses still contain asbestos.

Safety is priority

Never attempt to remove material by yourself, as even a few particles of dust can be hazardous. If you need some asbestos removed, or even if you aren’t sure if what you’re dealing with is asbestos, call the Zen Roofing team to remove it for you, safely.

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