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Steel Roof Repair

Steel Roof Repair

The Ins and Outs of Steel Roof Repair

Although tile roofing does its job well and tends to last a fairly long time, there are many good reasons why metal roofing is becoming the more popular choice. It lasts just as long as tile, or even longer, but doesn’t crack when walked on or corrode over time. It’s easily recyclable as well, and most of all, it looks nice! You don’t have to worry about the odd broken or missing tiles throwing off the look of your whole house, and even the most old-fashioned building can become modern with the right colour and style.

However, Brisbane’s weather can be harsh, so if your metal roof is on the older side, or perhaps it wasn’t installed with the latest technologies, you may be wondering what the best option for repair is.

Who to Call for Leaks or Damage

If you have any concerns at all about the condition of your roof, it’s always best to contact a company with adequate experience and qualifications. This safeguards against the possibility of paying for work that doesn’t fix the problem, and makes sure anyone who’s at risk of falling off your roof is properly insured!

Zen Roofing in Brisbane specialises in the restoration of steel, corrugated, and aluminum roofing. For all damage to rooves or guttering, whether domestic or commercial, we guarantee customer satisfaction. With over 15 years of experience, transparent communication, fair pricing, and full public liability insurance, there’s no option more reliable for quality repair work.

What if I Need Roof Replacement?

We won’t try to sell you a whole new roof if the solution is simpler, but in the event that your roof is damaged beyond repair (or if you’re interested in a new look and increased property value), we do offer excellent, affordable roof replacement as well. You can choose between Colorbond or Zincalume – both resistant to fading and corrosion, with a 10 year warranty – and revitalize your property from the top down! So whether you have a single leak or dreams of renovation, give us a call today for a free quote!

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