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Metal Roof Insulation Tips

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Let’s face it – South East Queensland swings from hot to cold as the seasons change, and with rising electricity costs, both summer and winter can be expensive times. You may think that with a metal roof that you are unable to have insulation installed, but you can, and there are plenty of great reasons to do so.

Reasons to Install Metal Roof Insulation

Controlling Condensation

Mould and mildew develops very easily in Queensland homes, particularly during the winter months. There are plenty of health risks involved with mould in the home, as well as the issue of structural damage that can occur from ceilings being damp. Insulation can stop condensation from forming which, in turn, stops mould and mildew from forming on your ceiling.

Sound Proofing

Often we don’t realise just how much noise can travel within a home. If living in peace and quiet with your family is important, insulation is a great way to minimise noise disturbances across the house. Whether you are working, sleeping or just playing, insulation allows you to do your thing without disturbing other family members.

Electricity Savings

The cost to heat and cool a home in South East Queensland can become quite expensive. Metal roof insulation helps your home stay at a comfortable temperature, and contributes to the efficiency of your energy use. You’ll find that insulation keeps your home cooler in summer and warmer in winter.

Types of Metal Roof Insulation

There are generally three different types of insulation that can be used with a metal roof:

  • Fibreglass Batts – one of the cheapest and often the easiest to install insulation options
  • Spray Foam – commonly used and quite effective. It is more expensive but can be used without the need to re-roof your home
  • Rigid Board Insulation – a thinner and denser insulation material that tends to reduce the leakage of air from your home

If you are considering insulation for your metal roof, speak to Zen Roofing. We can assist you in deciding the best insulation option for your home and your budget.

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