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Brisbane home roofing
The roof is the first weather-resistant material in a building that protects the building and its occupants. This is why it is so important to have roofs that are in optimal conditional, especially in a city like Brisbane with its constant storms. Roof Replacement Roof replacement is also known as reroofing. It is the process...
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Winter is over and summer is coming, so what will this summer be like? In the last couple of years storms seem to be getting worse so let me ask you (you may need to ask yourself the question) will your roof hold up this summer? Roofs are one of those things that are out...
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Gutter Maintenance
When you hear someone talk about boxed gutters most people would think of a square gutter on the outside of a house this is close but not quite right. In roofing terms it is known as a concealed gutter. These gutters are internal gutters so you cannot see them from the outside of the building...
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Guttering Services
When it comes to gutters a lot of roofing companies see it as a waste of time unless they are combining it with a Re-roof or new roof. Even then the guys on the job usually just put new brackets in the same holes or even use the old brackets, even cutting the back out...
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