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Brisbane Re-roofing with Colourbond or Zincalume


Brisbane is home to plenty of older homes that need re-roofing. Storms, asbestos and general wear and tear can all contribute to replacing the roof. When it comes to time replace your roof, Zen Roofing is your first port of call.

Modern homes tend to use either zincalume or Colourbond roofing over tiles. Colourbond and zincalume roofs are lighter and a low maintenance roof option when compared to the more traditional concrete tiles.

Colourbond Roof Advantages & Disadvantages

Colourbond is a pre-painted, strong steel roof. Created to eliminate the need to paint corroded corrugated roofs, Colourbond is a popular roof choice when people are re-roofing in Brisbane. With a large colour and design range, homeowners can choose what suits their budget and their home.

  • Large colour range available.
  • Thermal-efficient
  • Not as price friendly as a plain zincalume roof

Zincalume Roof Advantages & Disadvantages

A zincalume roof combines aluminium, zinc and silicone to produce a highly durable metal. With a lifespan of approximately 4 times galvanized steel roofing, it has been designed to last making it environmentally friendly and cost-effective.

  • Environmentally friendly and recyclable
  • More cost -effective than other steel roofs and good for smaller budgets
  • The shiny aluminium colour dulls over time

When installing a new roof, it is always a good idea to ensure your insulation is still in good condition, as well as having your guttering done to match your new roof.

Zen Roofing has been installing metal roofs across Brisbane homes for over 15 years. With the experience and know-how, we can help you with re-roofing your Brisbane home quickly and with little downtime. Contact us today.


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