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The Pros and Cons of Metal Roofing

Metal Roofing Pros and Cons

The Pros and Cons of Metal Roofing

Choosing the material you want for your roofing can be pretty complicated – there are so many options, and a new roof is an investment that you want to get right the first time. In this article, we’re going to look at the advantages and disadvantages of metal roofing. Note that we won’t be looking at aesthetics; there’s no accounting for taste. Rather, we’re going to look exclusively at functionality – except for one important point that can be a pro or a con. We’ll get to that later:


The Pros of Metal Roofing

  • They’re long-lasting.While some forms of roofing usually only holds up for a decade or two, metal roofing can last for generations. Metal roofs lasting for 70 years without needing to be replaced isn’t unheard of. That makes them extremely practical if you expect to live in the same place for a long time, or if you intend to pass down your home to the next generation.
  • They’re durable.Being made of metal has its advantages, and metal roofing can be battered by wind speeds of 200 km/h without sustaining serious damage. Depending on which metal you choose, your roof may even have a degree of impact resistance. Metal roofs also tend to endure moisture better than their less durable cousins. When you couple these qualities with the lifespan of the roof, you’re going to need inspections and repairs far less often than if you had lower quality roofing – that means you’ll be saving time and money.
  • They’re energy efficient.Radiant heating from the sun has a tremendous impact on how much we need to cool our homes in the hot season. Metal roofing reflects radiant heat, and that can lead to a decrease in your home’s temperature, which means a decrease in how much work your air conditioner needs to put in.
  • They’re environmentally friendly.Metal roofs are often made from recycled materials – many of them are made up predominantly of recycled materials. Compare that with concrete tiles. Concrete is one of the biggest causes of CO2 emissions, making up 4-8% of the world’s emissions When a metal roof has reached the end of its lifespan, the materials can be recycled.


The Maybe Pro, Maybe Con of Metal Roofing

Writing about roofing in Brisbane, we’d be remiss if we didn’t bring up storm season. This point is a matter of taste, but it’s also a bit of a deal breaker for some people: metal roofing makes a lot of noise when there’s precipitation. Some people love this sound (I certainly do), while others hate it. Keep that in mind when you’re thinking about going metal.

Fortunately, we have insulation that can fit between your tin roof and the battens. That dampens the noise from rainfall, so you can have the best of both worlds!


The Cons of Metal Roofing

  • They’re expensive.With all the pros we just listed, you’ve probably been asking yourself why anyone opts for non-metal roofing. Answer: because it’s a lot less expensive. Metal roofing can be two or three times more expensive than other types of roofing. Of course, its lifespan can be more than three times as long, so if you plan on staying in the same home for decades, this might not be such a bad trade off. Costs over time are lower for metal roofing, but the initial cost is definitely higher. The cost to replace a metal roof is, of course, higher, but you’ll probably never need a full replacement in your lifetime.
  • They dent.“Wait a second”, I can hear you saying, “I thought you said metal roofing was durable!”. It is. The dents that can occur aren’t normally big enough to seriously compromise structural integrity. Moreover, dents should almost never occur. There are two common causes of dents – people walking along the roof without sticking to screw lines, and really bad hail storms. Even then, denting might only occur if the roof has lost some of its strength – that usually only occurs 30 years or more into its lifespan. Compare that to cement tiles, which might shatter under such pressure, and you’ll find you’re still better off with metal roofing.
  • They need to be installed verycarefully. Metal roofing expands and contracts, so you need fasteners that allow for the metal to breathe. Poorly installed metal roofing may allow water to pool, which can create rust. That’s why, if you choose to get metal roofing installed, it’s important you pick a contractor who has a proven track record of success with metal roofing.


Authors Bio

Marianne Pierce is a part of the progressive marketing team at Quik-Therm Insulation. She loves applying her knowledge of home improvement to new content pieces, helping her to share tips, tricks and hacks with readers.

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