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Asbestos roof removal Brisbane: why now? Up until recently, the construction industry used asbestos in many building and roofing materials. Unfortunately, this means that it is still present in many homes, especially in roofing. Luckily you may not need to get asbestos roof removal Brisbane if the asbestos material is undisturbed. However, there are some...
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Renovation essential If you are renovating or rebuilding your home, no doubt the word ‘asbestos’ has been on your mind. Asbestos roof replacement Brisbane and elsewhere is happening more and more. Homeowners and builders are looking to replace this dangerous material with safer alternatives. Commonplace material It wasn’t until the 1980s that authorities phased asbestos out...
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Asbestos through time If you’re at all familiar with asbestos removal in Brisbane or anywhere across the country, you might be aware of the controversial and dangerous nature of the asbestos fibre. But did you know that asbestos has been used for many thousands of years? Let’s take a look at its rise and fall...
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  Your Roof No one is happy to discover they have an asbestos problem growing on their roof, and your first instinct is to try to get rid of it as soon as possible. The problem is, many people will try to take on these jobs themselves without calling in the professionals. Here are a...
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Your Home Buying a new home is a very exciting venture. Whether you are single and buying your first property on your own, are in a couple and are taking the plunge together, or have just started a family and are looking to upsize to a place with more room. It can take months of...
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Health Hazards It is when asbestos is disturbed, releasing the fibres into the air that the risks are greater. While many of the fibres are removed with your body’s natural defences (coughing), some remain there. Depending on the amount you retain, it can have a host of health problems from Asbestosis (a chronic lung disease)...
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