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Roof Replacement versus Roof Repair

Brisbane home roofing

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The roof is the first weather-resistant material in a building that protects the building and its occupants. This is why it is so important to have roofs that are in optimal conditional, especially in a city like Brisbane with its constant storms.

Roof Replacement

Roof replacement is also known as reroofing. It is the process of replacing the existing roof or installing a new roof over the damaged one; it is usually more complicated than the original roofing in a new building. Apart from issues involved installing a new roof, it is of great importance to find out the reason for the replacement and the cause of the problems with the existing roof. If the problem is an integral one, then the solutions and corrections should be made as a part of the replacement process.

There are two methods involved in roof replacement;

  • a removal of the existing roof to the deck or
  • Installing the new roof covering over the existing one

The replacement option is a conventional method; in this approach, deteriorated areas are likely to be detected since the roof is removed entirely down to the deck. Also, this process eliminates any entrapped water in the roof. However, this is more expensive and also exposes the interior of the building during the reroofing period, but it is a reliable process.

Roof Repair

Roof repair is also called roof renovation or restoration. It is the process of refurbishing the roof to either its previous state before it developed a fault or to a much better condition.

In making repairs on roofs, the weather condition should be taken into proper consideration; ensuring roof is dry on a sunny day.

In either replacement or repair, the roof should be thoroughly examined, the problem identified and possible solutions proffered. The issue and decision to either repair or replace the roof is not an easy one and the choice on whether to replace the roof or repair is not only dependent on the nature of the problem or rate of damage, but it also relies on the type of roofing material used. Roof replacement is advised when the level of damage is beyond repair, a careful inspection should be done by a contractor to devise what is advisable.

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