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No Stress Asbestos Removal

No Stress Asbestos Removal

If you have purchased your dream renovation project or perhaps just want to update an ageing investment property, chances are you may come across Asbestos on your premises. Asbestos roofing was commonly used in construction between the 1940s and late 1980s. Its use was discontinued once the dangers of Asbestos were understood.

If you are living in or own a property with an asbestos roof, you will need asbestos roof removal professionals. Safe removal of asbestos is required by law, only licensed professionals can undertake its removal. With Zen Roofing located in Brisbane you’re in safe and experienced hands.

Why Choose Zen Roofing?

If you are located in Brisbane and need asbestos roof removal done quickly and safely, then Zen should be your first call. Zen Roofing hold a Company Class B Asbestos Removal License issued by the Queensland government. They have completed all relevant training in safely handling and disposing of asbestos. Zen Roofing will remove the asbestos from your roof safely and with minimal fuss. In addition to being qualified, Zen have full insurance cover, including public liability, asbestos risk, contractor liability and workers compensation.

The best part about using Zen Roofing for your asbestos roof removal is that the team is also able to replace it with an up to date Colorbond steel roof or tiles depending on your preference. Want insulation installed under your new roof? They can do that too. Zen Roofing can handle every step of removing your asbestos roof from risk assessment & preparation, removal to decontamination & disposal. Zens’ outstanding attention to detail, quality workmanship and affordable prices mean they should be your number one choice for asbestos roof removal in Brisbane.

So if you’re ready to update your home to be both safe and stylish, contact Zen Roofing for a free quote on +617 3521 8520.

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