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Metal roofing is now a popular choice for home roofs. There are many different benefits to this choice over the more conventional options from life expectancy, weight, fire resistance, and more. When it comes to metal roofing, steel tends to be one of the more popular choices, and here’s why:


On average, steel home roof weighs approximately 1 tonne, while a concrete tiled roof weighs about 12 tonnes. This is a huge difference, especially when you add rain to the mix. This lighter weight means there is less pressure on the walls and it is likely to hold up better over time.

Water Resistant

Steel doesn’t absorb water like other materials, encouraging it to run off into the gutters and preventing any internal damage to your home. It also means that when it rains, there will be little weight added to your home.

Low Maintenance

Just what we all want to hear: a steel roof is a low maintenance option, that gets naturally washed by the rain water—saving you the trip up on the ladder—and doesn’t need the on-going maintenance that other styles roofs, like concrete, need. They are also much easier to install, which keeps the costs down.

Install today

If you are interested in updating your roof, contact the specialists at Zen Roofing. They will help put together a quote for your home roof and will have it up in no time. Give them a call today.

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