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How to Do Roofing Work

Working on a roof can be quite dangerous, particularly if you don’t know what you are doing or don’t have the right equipment. It is important to know what is required to do roofing work in Queensland, and what you can do on your own and what you need a licensed professional for.

What Roofing Work Can You DIY?

Many people can do some very basic work on their roof – namely gutter cleaning – without needing a licensed professional. The QBCC notes that you do not require a license to do work on your own property to a value of $11,000. Over that value, you need to have a license or a licensed professional do the work.

Why Use a Professional to Do Roofing Work

If you’ve never done any roofing work before, you’ll likely find it difficult to gain the right materials, and you need to have a good solid understanding of how a roof is put together and what you need to repair. There is also the chance that your building insurance won’t cover you for DIY roofing work – especially if you replace your roof yourself.

If you are thinking that you will save money by doing your own roofing work – you probably won’t. Professional and experienced roofers know the best ways to repair and replace your roof with minimal fuss. What you save in dollars will cost you more in time – and the less time you have a roof off your home, the better.

On top of voiding home insurance, you may void any warranties on the products, and being on a roof with no experience can be dangerous. It is very easy to lose your footing and slip while on the roof, as well as being easy to fall if your ladder isn’t set up correctly.

If you need roofing work done in Brisbane, call Zen Roofing. From asbestos to roof replacement, the experienced and friendly team can help you with your roofing needs.

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