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Asbestos roof removal Brisbane: why now?Asbestos roof removal brisbane

Up until recently, the construction industry used asbestos in many building and roofing materials. Unfortunately, this means that it is still present in many homes, especially in roofing. Luckily you may not need to get asbestos roof removal Brisbane if the asbestos material is undisturbed. However, there are some situations where you should definitely call in the professionals to have your asbestos roof removed.

DIY tasks

Most of us have done some DIY jobs around the house once in a while. However, if your house is older and you think the building materials may contain asbestos, contact a professional. You should have it removed before undertaking any work yourself. Power tools such as saws and drills are especially risky, as cutting into asbestos roofing can release the dangerous fibres into the air.

Accidental disturbances

Every now and again an accident will happen. Perhaps there has been a storm and a tree branch crashed through the roof, or someone was up in the attic and put their foot through a ceiling sheet. If this has happened, take precautions by calling a roofing specialist, who will seal the area and contain any harmful fibres.


During a home renovation or adding an extension to your home is the perfect time to get asbestos removal Brisbane. By getting in touch with one of the team from Zen Roofing you can have your old asbestos roof removed safely. Then you can haveĀ it replaced with a great looking new roof.

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