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Finding the Right Colorbond Roofing Colours

Colorbond roofing colours

Have you ever had to choose a new roof colour for your home? With so many options, choosing between Colorbond roofing colours is difficult, and for many homeowners, it isn’t an easy task. Instead of looking at all the colour options over and over, it may be worthwhile considering a few factors to narrow down your new roof colour.

The Style of Your Home

Colorbond have been really smart in labeling their roofing colours – you’ll find options under contempory, classic, matte and ultra. There is also an entire section for fencing should you want to match the colour of your roof and fence. The Colorbond website also evokes ideas with their descriptions of the colours:

  • Terrain is the rich and rusty red colour of the outback;
  • Windspray is the misty sea on a cloudy day;
  • Cottage Green is inspired by heritage buildings of the past.

Whtatever the style you are looking for, there are Colorbond roofing colours to suit.

We recommend checking your chosen Colorbond steel colour and finish under varying light conditions as the colours shown have been reproduced to represent actual product colours provided by BlueScope Steel Limited.

Building Requirements

Interestingly, for some businesses, building and local council requirements can come into play when choosing a new roof colour. If you have a character or heritage listed home, you may have restrictions on the type of roof colour you can choose. It is best to visit your local council’s Building and Planning website to check for any restrictions.

Natural and Built Environments

When choosing Colorbond roofing colours, homeowners tend to look at the surrounding natural and built environments and what would suit those environments. If you live along the coast, you may like to choose from the blues, greens and sandy colour options, whereas if you live in suburbia, choosing silver, grey or white may be more suitable. This then changes again if you are looking to make a bold statement or perhaps trying to give your home a historic look.

If a new roof is on the horizon for your home, contact Zen Roofing. We specialise in replacing Colorbond roofing in Brisbane, and our friendly team can help your choose between a range of Colorbond roofing colours.

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