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Coming Summer Storms


Winter is over and summer is coming, so what will this summer be like? In the last couple of years storms seem to be getting worse so let me ask you (you may need to ask yourself the question) will your roof hold up this summer?

Roofs are one of those things that are out sight so they are out of mind. When a bad storm blow through whether it is a hail storm or  destructive winds blowing through we all think about cleaning up the fallen trees and access the damage to our car and other parts of the property and so long as there is no water in the house we just think “Good the roof held up”. Now for some of us the roof did hold up but for others it may take 6 months or maybe even 3 years, but all of a sudden after a down pour we notice water damage in the house. You call your insurance a accuser comes out and says to you “we are happy to repair the damage to the inside of the house but you are responsible to fix the roof first.

When it comes down to it insurance companies expect us to maintain our properties from the roof down. So after a severe storm your roof may receive some minor damage and if it is not picked up it may only get worse over time until one day it leaks into your home causing not just damage but an inconvenience to your family.

Your roof covers your long term investment whether you paid $300,000 or $700,000 for your home you don’t want to have to fork out any unnecessary funds for things you should be covered for. So next time you get a bad storm come through get us around to check your roof for any signs of damage. Wouldn’t you rather find out now that the roof is damaged and get it repaired now, or in three years’ time having  to pay for the roof repair and have anywhere form 2 to 5 different trades entering the house at different times and days to repair the damage to the inside of the house.


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