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Choosing a Brisbane Home Roofing Company

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Do you need to hire a home roofing company in Brisbane to remove and replace your current roof? There are plenty of home roofing companies servicing the Brisbane area, so  how do you know you’re getting the best for your money?

We’ve put together 5 tips to help you choose the best Brisbane home roofing company to look after your home.

Tip to Choose a Brisbane Home Roofing Company

Make Sure They Hold Insurance

An absolute must for anyone working on your home – ensure they have workers compensation and liability insurance. You can always ask for a certificate of currency or a copy of their insurance. On top of this, ask for their QBCC or license number and complete a check to ensure they are covered under the relevant body.

Choose Local

Choosing a contractor that is local to your area, means that the contractor has an established business and reputation in the area. It also means you won’t be waiting hours for a contractor who has been stuck in traffic.

Cheapest Isn’t Best

You’ve probably realised when it comes to trades that the cheapest isn’t always the best. Choose someone based on their previous work and reviews, not on them being 50% cheaper than other tradespeople doing the same job. Quite often, those who undercut the market aren’t doing the job correctly and it will end up costing you more in the long run.

Get All Job Details in Writing

When you are speaking to a number of contractors to determine who will do the job best, make sure you get all details in writing including payment terms and how long the job will take. You don’t have to hire a company and then once the job is complete, find out that it will cost you more than originally stated or that they can’t do the job when they said they would.

Choose a Great Communicator 

As with choosing any business to work on your home, you need a company who will communicate with you – returning calls, sending documentation that you need, returning emails. Communication is key, and if a business can’t communicate with you effectively before the work starts, that won’t change afterwards.

Choosing a home roofing company in Brisbane can take some time, but choosing the right one will end up in a much better job being done. Contact Zen Roofing – your Brisbane home roofing experts for a consultation and quote on re-roofing your Brisbane home.

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