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Brisbane asbestos roof removal ensures your safety

Brisbane asbestos roof removal Brisbane

Is your roof made of asbestos? Do you even know what your roof is made from? Should you panic? Zen Roofing has all the answers and solutions when it comes to assessing a roof, as well as Brisbane asbestos roof removal.

Is it even necessary to have Brisbane asbestos roof removal?

Many Australian homes that were built from the 1940s to the 1980s used asbestos materials in the construction process. In particular, many roofs tended to be made from sheets of material containing asbestos. The team at Zen Roofing will be able to assess your roof and identify any asbestos materials that might be present.

There have been many stories in the media relating to the dangers of asbestos. It is important to know that not all materials contain the same concentration of asbestos fibres. Whilst it is not necessarily the health hazard as portrayed in the media, it is better for your family’s health for all asbestos to be removed from your home.

Fortunately, Zen Roofing can assist with a professional evaluation of your roof and advise you on any necessary precautions that you might need to take. This includes the safe removal of all residential asbestos roofing.

Safe removal of asbestos roofing

The very fine fibres present in asbestos roofs do pose a health concern. For this reason, it is important that any asbestos roof is removed by professionals. At Zen Roofing, we have the experience and grading required to assess all types of residential roofs, and remove asbestos roofing safely without risk of contamination.

Our expert team will remove all asbestos roofing, one sheet at a time, and dispose of it safely to prevent any potential health risks to you and your family.

Your family will be safe with our professional Brisbane asbestos roof removal

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