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You may not know but big changes are being made for companies who are in the business of removing asbestos. All companies have to hold a company asbestos licence with at least one person holding an accredited asbestos supervisors licence. What does this mean for the home owner; well it puts a lot responsibility, not just to remove the product but to protect both the people removing it, the surrounding neighbours and house owners.

This hopefully will stop a lot of the cowboys out there doing less than a quality job. If you are not sure what to look for when making a decision in
getting the right people to do your asbestos roof. Just remember this.

  1. Check with Work Place Health and Safety Queensland that the company holds an asbestos licence.
  2. The company removing the asbestos should register the property 5 days before work is to be commenced on the state asbestos registry list.
  3. A clearance certificate is required before the new roof can be fitted by a certified asbestos supervisor.
  4. The company must have a removal plan which is kept on site.

There are other small signs that the person doing your roof is not following.

  • Guys on your roof not wearing suits
  • No asbestos vacuum cleaner on site
  • Guys breaking asbestos sheets to fit it in the bin (sometimes in your wheelie bin)

A point to remember is that there are no hard and fast rules to asbestos roof removal. Each site will have different obstacles and issues. These will be accessed individually by the supervisor in charge and dealt with accordingly for further information on asbestos removal please feel free to look at the Queensland health and safety website or call us to come and have inspection of your roof and answer any questions.

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